Chakra bracelet

The chakra bracelet is a fashionable decoration that complements your look, makes your style more individual. Bracelets have become a very popular accessory among both women and men of different ages.

How to choose a bchakra bracelet?

Bracelets can be made of absolute different materials. It can be gold, silver, leather, plastic, metal. Also, all bracelets have a different shape. They can be chain, braided, closed, spring and others. The choice of chakra bracelet depends on your taste, clothing style and image. You can choose a classic thin chakra bracelet for a suit, dress, and also wear it daily for any clothes. Or you can wear a bright, catchy chakra bracelet and it will make your look more challenging. Bracelets are suitable for any style of clothing. It can be both classic and sporty.

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How to combine and wear a chakra bracelet?

Previously, according to the rules, bracelets were worn by women and men on different hands. Now no one follows such rules. As a woman can wear a watch on her left hand, and decorate her free right with a chakra bracelet. On the right hand the chakra bracelet will be more noticeable, since it is with your right hand that you perform most of the actions. You can hold a handbag and clutch or another item. If you choose the right accessories, they will complement each other. You can wear several jewelry on both hands and it will look bright and spectacular. But do not forget that it is necessary to comply with the measure, style, color. Also recently in the summer season, especially on the beach, bracelets that are worn on the legs have become popular.

How to find chakra bracelet out the size?

In order for the bracelet to look elegant and beautiful on your hand, you must clearly understand what size it should be. To do this, you must measure the narrowest part of the wrist in centimeters. This is how long your chakra bracelet will be. But not all models should sit tightly on the arm. For some you need to add a couple of centimeters. If you order a handmade chakra bracelet, be sure to clarify this issue. You should also consider the material from which the chakra bracelet is made, since many of them tend to stretch. If you want to give a man a chakra bracelet, then you need to know the size of your wrist. Otherwise, the chakra bracelet may be small or, on the contrary, fall from the hand.

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